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Loan Rates as of February 21, 2024.

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Find the type of loan you're looking for in the first column and follow to the right to see the APR in the second column, and the maximum term in months in the last column.

Loan Type APR* Maximum Term (Months)
Autos & Trucks 2023 & Newer low as 4.59%* up to 60
low as 5.59%* up to 72
Autos & Trucks 2020-2022 low as 5.19%* up to 60
low as 6.19%* up to 72
Autos & Trucks 2018-2019 low as 5.59%* up to 60
Autos & Trucks 2016-2017 low as 6.89%* up to 48
Autos & Trucks 2015 & Older low as 7.99%* up to 48
Boats & RV's 2021 & Newer low as 6.99%* up to 120*             
Boats & RV's 2020 & Older low as 7.99%* up to 96* 
Motorcycles 2021 & Newer low as 7.99% up to 72 
Motorcycles 2020 & Older low as 8.99% up to 60
Personal Life Loan low as 10.29%* up to 60
Need It Now Rates Vary Terms Vary
Share Secured 5.25% 84
VISA Classic 12.6% -
VISA Platinum 8.9% -

*Actual rates will be based on credit qualifications and maybe higher than the above rates.

*Advertised rates include .25% discount for automatic payment from a BMCU account/payroll deduction and .25% discount for having an active account with direct deposit 

*Existing BMCU loans may not be eligible for refinancing.

*Loan amount must be over $50,000 to qualify for longer term on RV & Boat loans

*Certain restrictions apply.

*APR is the Annual Percentage Rate.

Bloomington Municipal Credit Union may offer matching rates from other lenders. Please call us before accepting a loan with another institution.

This replaces all previous loan rates and promotions. All loans are simple interest. The rates and yields are subject to change without notice.

Share Rates as of August 16,2023

Share account type is located in the first column, followed by the nominal rate in the second, APY in the third, and how it's compounded and paid in the last column.

Account Type Nominal Rate APY* Compound & Pay Rate
Shares 0.75% 0.75% Compounded daily-paid quarterly
Christmas and Vacation Shares 0.50% 0.50% Compounded quarterly-paid quarterly
IRA's (Traditional-Roth-Education) 0.75% 0.75% Compounded quarterly-paid quarterly
Share Drafts 0.00% 0.00% Compounded monthly-paid monthly
Money Market 1.60% 1.61% Compounded daily-paid quarterly

*APY is the Annual Percentage Yield. Rates subject to change without notice.

The minimum balance for a Money Market Share account is $2500. If more than three transactions are conducted in a month or the balance goes below the $2500.00, there is a $10 monthly fee.

Share Certificates as of January 17, 2024

Share certificate term can be seen in the first column, followed by nominal rate in the second, and APY in the last.

Term Nominal Rate APY*
6 4.25% 4.33%
12 4.25% 4.33%
24 3.50% 3.55%

*APY is the Annual Percentage Yield. Rates subject to change without notice.

$1000.00 minimum balance is required. There is a penalty for early withdrawal. Certificate yields shown assume that dividends are compounded monthly to the certificate.

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Member Fees:

Accounts Closed if balance falls below $10.00 $5.00
Copy of a Check $5.00
Check Book Order $15.00
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal $10.00
Dormant Account (18 mo of returned mail/incorrect address $30.00
Lost/Stolen ATM/Debit Card $10.00
Money Market Withdrawal $10.00 (3 free per month
Money Orders $1.00
Returned Checks $25.00
Overdraft Fee $25.00
Primary Transfer fee for Overdraft $3.00
Stop Payment on ACH $15.00
Stop Payment on Money Orders/Cashiers Checks/Personal Checks $15.00
Vacation Club Withdrawal $10.00 (2 free per year)
Returned Mail Fee $10.00
Wire-Out Domestic $15.00
Wire-Out International $40.00
Member Statements (Non-Letterhead) $3.00 Per Month
Member Statements (Letterhead) $5.00 Per Month
Cashier's Checks Members will recieve 1 free cashier's check per month. A $1 Service Fee will be added to each additional cashier's check.
Non-Member Check Cashing A $3 Service Fee will be Applied to any non-member cashing a check drawn off a BMCU account
Debit Card Cash Advance Fee $10 per transaction